dax_update_parameter_group: Modifies the parameters of a parameter group

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dax_update_parameter_groupR Documentation

Modifies the parameters of a parameter group


Modifies the parameters of a parameter group. You can modify up to 20 parameters in a single request by submitting a list parameter name and value pairs.

See https://www.paws-r-sdk.com/docs/dax_update_parameter_group/ for full documentation.


dax_update_parameter_group(ParameterGroupName, ParameterNameValues)



[required] The name of the parameter group.


[required] An array of name-value pairs for the parameters in the group. Each element in the array represents a single parameter.

record-ttl-millis and query-ttl-millis are the only supported parameter names. For more details, see Configuring TTL Settings.

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