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Analyzing Real-Time Quantitative PCR Data

ct1C_T values from qPCR (separate tubes)
ct2C_T values from qPCR (same tubes)
ct3C_T values from qPCR (Serial dilutions)
ct4C_T values from qPCR (Serial dilutions)
dot-pcr_amountCalculate the amounts
dot-pcr_averageGet vector average by a variable
dot-pcr_cvGet vector coefficient of variance by a variable
dot-pcr_errorPropage two vectors
dot-pcr_interceptCalculate the intercept of a line
dot-pcr_normalizeNormalize vector by another
dot-pcr_plot_analyzePlotting function
dot-pcr_plot_assessPlot quality assessment graphs
dot-pcr_relativeRaise two to a vector power
dot-pcr_rsquaredCalculate R squared
dot-pcr_sdGet vector standard deviation by a variable
dot-pcr_slopeCalculate the slope of a line
pcr'pcr' package
pcr_analyzeApply qPCR analysis methods
pcr_assessAssess qPCR data quality
pcr_curveCalculate the standard curve model
pcr_dctCalculate the delta_ct model
pcr_ddctCalculate the delta_delta_ct model
pcr_efficiencyCalculate amplification efficiency
pcr_lmLinear regression qPCR data
pcr_standardCalculate the standard curve
pcr_testStatistical testing of PCR data
pcr_ttestt-test qPCR data
pcr_wilcoxWilcoxon test qPCR data
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