Man pages for pcrsim
Simulation of the Forensic DNA Process

calculateDegradationCalculate Degradation Parameter
calibrateLbCalibrate Inter-locus Balance
calibratePCRsimCalibrate PCRsim
calibrateScalingCalibrate Peak Height Scaling
compactStutterMerge Stutters With Profile.
getParameterGet Kit Parameters
pcrsimGUI for PCRsim
pcrsim-packageSimulation of the Forensic DNA process
rmultinomxlVectorized Multinomial Distribution For Large Numbers
simCECE Simulator
simDegradationDNA Degradation Simulator
simDilutionSerial Dilution Simulator
simExtractionDNA Extraction Simulator
simNormalizeNormalization Simulator
simPCRPCR Simulator
simProfileDNA Profile Simulator
simSampleForensic Sample Simulator
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