Man pages for performance
Assessment of Regression Models Performance

binned_residualsBinned residuals for binomial logistic regression
check_autocorrelationCheck model for independence of residuals.
check_clusterstructureCheck suitability of data for clustering
check_collinearityCheck for multicollinearity of model terms
check_convergenceConvergence test for mixed effects models
check_distributionClassify the distribution of a model-family using machine...
check_factorstructureCheck suitability of data for Factor Analysis (FA) with...
check_heterogeneity_biasCheck model predictor for heterogeneity bias
check_heteroscedasticityCheck model for (non-)constant error variance
check_homogeneityCheck model for homogeneity of variances
check_itemscaleDescribe Properties of Item Scales
check_modelVisual check of model assumptions
check_multimodalCheck if a distribution is unimodal or multimodal
check_normalityCheck model for (non-)normality of residuals.
check_outliersOutliers detection (check for influential observations)
check_overdispersionCheck overdispersion of GL(M)M's
check_predictionsPosterior predictive checks
check_singularityCheck mixed models for boundary fits
check_sphericityCheck model for violation of sphericity
check_symmetryCheck distribution symmetry
check_zeroinflationCheck for zero-inflation in count models
classify_distributionClassify the distribution of a model-family using machine...
compare_performanceCompare performance of different models
cronbachs_alphaCronbach's Alpha for Items or Scales
display.performance_modelPrint tables in different output formats
iccIntraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC)
item_difficultyDifficulty of Questionnaire Items
item_discriminationDiscrimination of Questionnaire Items
item_intercorMean Inter-Item-Correlation
item_reliabilityReliability Test for Items or Scales
item_split_halfSplit-Half Reliability
looicLOO-related Indices for Bayesian regressions.
model_performanceModel Performance
model_performance.ivregPerformance of instrumental variable regression models
model_performance.kmeansModel summary for k-means clustering
model_performance.lavaanPerformance of lavaan SEM / CFA Models
model_performance.lmPerformance of Regression Models
model_performance.merModPerformance of Mixed Models
model_performance.rmaPerformance of Meta-Analysis Models
model_performance.stanregPerformance of Bayesian Models
performance_accuracyAccuracy of predictions from model fit
performance_aiccCompute the AIC or second-order AIC
performance_cvCross-validated model performance
performance_hosmerHosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test
performance_loglossLog Loss
performance_maeMean Absolute Error of Models
performance_mseMean Square Error of Linear Models
performance-packageperformance: An R Package for Assessment, Comparison and...
performance_pcpPercentage of Correct Predictions
performance_rmseRoot Mean Squared Error
performance_rocSimple ROC curve
performance_rseResidual Standard Error for Linear Models
performance_scoreProper Scoring Rules
r2Compute the model's R2
r2_bayesBayesian R2
r2_coxsnellCox & Snell's R2
r2_efronEfron's R2
r2_kullbackKullback-Leibler R2
r2_looLOO-adjusted R2
r2_mcfaddenMcFadden's R2
r2_mckelveyMcKelvey & Zavoinas R2
r2_nagelkerkeNagelkerke's R2
r2_nakagawaNakagawa's R2 for mixed models
r2_somersSomers' Dxy rank correlation for binary outcomes
r2_tjurTjur's R2 - coefficient of determination (D)
r2_xuXu' R2 (Omega-squared)
r2_zeroinflatedR2 for models with zero-inflation
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
test_performanceTest if models are different
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