Defines functions `vi.dist`

#' Port of the vi.dist function from the mcclust package which is no longer maintained.
#' @keywords internal
`vi.dist` <-
  function(cl1,cl2,parts=FALSE, base=2){ # wenn parts=TRUE, werden die Komponenten der VI ebenfalls berechnet
    if(length(cl1) != length(cl2)) stop("cl1 and cl2 must have same length")
    # entropy 
    ent <- function(cl){
      n <- length(cl)
      p <- table(cl)/n
      -sum(p*log(p, base=base))
    # mutual information
    mi <- function(cl1,cl2){
      p12 <- table(cl1,cl2)/length(cl1)
      p1p2 <- outer(table(cl1)/length(cl1),table(cl2)/length(cl2))
      sum(p12[p12>0]*log(p12[p12>0]/p1p2[p12>0], base=base))
    if(!parts) return(ent(cl1) + ent(cl2) -2*mi(cl1,cl2))
    ent1 <- ent(cl1)
    ent2 <- ent(cl2)
    mi12 <- mi(cl1,cl2)
    c("vi"=ent1+ent2-2*mi12, "H(1|2)" =ent1-mi12, "H(2|1)"=ent2 -mi12)

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