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Thall, Simon and Estey's criterion function for determining the trial decision boundaries for efficacy (futility) and safety (toxicity).


MultPostP(x, n, a.vec, p0)



the value of observed data. It can be x_{E}=y_{ET}+y_{E T^C} i.e. number of responses for efficacy among n patients treated by the experimental drug, or x_{T}= y_{ET}+y_{E^C T} i.e. number of responses for toxicity among n patients treated by the experimental drug, where y = (y_{ET}, y_{E^C T}, y_{ET^C}, y_{E^C T^C}), that is, among n patients treated by the experimental drug, y_{ET} of them have experienced both toxicity and efficacy, y_{E^C T} have experienced toxicity only, y_{ET^C} have experienced efficacy only, y_{E^C T^C} have neither experienced toxicity nor efficacy.


the number of patients treated by the experimental drug at a certain stage of the trial.


the hyperparameter vector of the Dirichlet prior for the experimental drug.


the prespecified reseponse rate for efficacy, futility or toxicity.



the posterior probability: Pr(p_E > p_0 | X=x_E) or Pr(p_T > p_0 | X=x_T)


Berry, S. M., Carlin, B. P., Lee, J. J., & Muller, P. (2010). Bayesian adaptive methods for clinical trials. CRC press.

Thall, Peter F., Richard M. Simon, and Elihu H. Estey. (1995). Bayesian sequential monitoring designs for single-arm clinical trials with multiple outcomes. Statistics in medicine 14.4: 357-379.

Yin, G. (2013). Clinical Trial Design: Bayesian and Frequentist Adaptive Methods. New York: Wiley.


n <- 30; x.eff <- 5; x.tox <- 8; param <- c(1,1,1,1); p0.eff <- 0.9; p0.tox <- 0.95
MultPostP(x=x.eff, n=n, a.vec=param, p0=p0.eff)
MultPostP(x=x.tox, n=n, a.vec=param, p0=p0.tox)

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