Man pages for phase
Analyse Biological Time-Series Data

allActogramsGenerate actograms
allActogramsWakeGenerate actograms for "wake" data
allPeriodogramsActPeriodogram analysis for activity data
allPeriodogramsSleepPeriodogram analysis for sleep data
allPeriodogramsWakePeriodogram analysis for "wake" data
allSomnogramsGenerate actograms for sleep data (Somnograms)
anticipationActCompute anticipation for activity data
binDataBin activity data to desired intervals
CoMObjectively quantify and visualise phases and calculate...
dfExample DAM data
indActogramPlot actogram of individual fly
indActogramWakeGenerate actogram for "wake" data for individual fly
indPeriodogramActPeriodogram plot for activity data of individual flies
indPeriodogramSleepPeriodogram plot for sleep data of individual flies
indPeriodogramWakePeriodogram plot for "wake" data of individual flies
indSomnogramGenerate actograms for sleep data (Somnograms) for individual...
peakIdentifierPhase identifier for activity data
profilesActCompute and plot activity profiles
profilesSleepCompute and plot sleep profiles
profilesWakeCompute and plot "wake" profiles
rosePlotsActGenerate rose plots for averaged activity data
rosePlotsSleepGenerate rose plots for averaged sleep data
rosePlotsWakeGenerate rose plots for averaged "wake" data
sleepDataEquivalent of binData() but for sleep data
sleepOnsetBoutLengthComputes, tabulates and plots day-time and night-time onset...
sleepStatComputes and tabulates day-time and night-time sleep...
trimDataTrim data for downstream analyses
wakeDataEquivalent of binData() but for "wake" data
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