Man pages for phase1RMD
Repeated Measurement Design for Phase I Clinical Trial

eff_datPatient efficacy data
GenToxProbToxicity Probability Matrices Generation for Trial Simulation
parmCreate prior for the phase 1 dose-finding model
patdataPatient toxicity data
plot.RunRMDValplot nTTP Toxicity-based in cycle 1 for all doses.
probaTThe probability matrix of toxicity events
RunRMDToxicity-based Dose estimation for the next patient cohort.
RunRMDEFFInteractive Implementation for an Adaptive, Multi-Stage Phase...
SimRMDSimulate trial characters of the phase I dose-finding design.
SimRMDEFFSimulation for an Adaptive, Multi-Stage Phase I Dose-Finding...
Tox2nTTPCompute the nTTP score baed on the observed toxicity.
tox_datPatient toxicity data
tox_dat_bytypePatient toxicity data
tox_matrixProbability matrix for toxicity
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