logistics: Fine fitting functions

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Fine fitting functions


double logistics, piecewise logistics and many other functions to curve fit VI time-series.


Logistic(par, t)

doubleLog.Zhang(par, t)

doubleLog.AG(par, t)

doubleLog.AG2(par, t)

doubleLog.Beck(par, t)

doubleLog.Elmore(par, t)

doubleLog.Gu(par, t)

doubleLog.Klos(par, t)



A vector of parameters


A Date or numeric vector


  • Logistic The traditional simplest logistic function. It can be only used in half growing season, i.e. vegetation green-up or senescence period.

  • doubleLog.Zhang Piecewise logistics, (Zhang Xiaoyang, RSE, 2003).

  • doubleAG Asymmetric Gaussian.

  • doubleLog.Beck Beck logistics.

  • doubleLog.Gu Gu logistics.

  • doubleLog.Elmore Elmore logistics.

  • doubleLog.Klos Klos logistics.

All of those function have par and formula attributes for the convenience for analytical D1 and D2


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  5. https://github.com/cran/phenopix/blob/master/R/FitDoubleLogGu.R


# simulate vegetation time-series
t    <- seq(1, 365, 8)
par  <- c(mn = 0.1, mx = 0.7, sos = 50, rsp = 0.1, eos = 250, rau = 0.1)
y    <- doubleLog.Beck(par, t)
data <- data.frame(t, y)
# methods <- c("AG", "Beck", "Elmore", "Gu", "Zhang")
tout <- seq(1, 365, 1)
r <- FitDL.Elmore(y, t, tout)

plot(r, data)
get_GOF(r, data)

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