Solidago_altissima.mspct: Spectral optical data for 'Solidago altissima' leaves

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A dataset containing for wavelengths at a 1 nm interval in the range 350 to 1000 nm, tabulated values for total reflectance and total transmittance, for the upper and lower epidermis of one leaf from the upper part of a shoot and another one from the lower part.

The variables in each spectrum are as follows:




object_mspct collection object with four object_spct member objects, each with 651 rows and 3 variables


We thank H. M. Noda for allowing us to include these data in our package. We have included here only data for two leaves from one species (Solidago altissima) and for wavelengths shorter than 1000 nm, from the much larger original data set. The whole data set is publicly available and the data easy to read into R. The data included here where measured with a Li-Cor LI-1800 spectroradiometer equipped with a LI-1800-12 (Li-Cor) integrating sphere, and consequently are for total reflectance and total transmittance. Further details on methods are available through the JaLTER web site. If you use these data in a publication, please cite the original source as given under references and contact the original author.


Noda H. 'Reflectance and transmittance spectra of leaves and shoots of 22 vascular plant species and reflectance spectra of trunks and branches of 12 tree species in Japan' ERDP-2013-02.1.1 (
JaLTER, Japan Long Term Ecological Research Network,

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