ZTLs.mspct: ZTL absorbance spectra.

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A dataset containing the wavelengths at an arbitrary nm interval. Tabulated values for the in vitro absorbance spectrum of ZTL LOV2 domain from Arabidopsis measured in vitro. Data were digitized from figure 2B in Zoltowski and Imaizumi (2014).


A filter_mspct with five member filter_spct objects each with 300 rows and 2 numeric variables, w.length and A


The variables of the member spectra are as follows:


If you use these data in a publication, please cite also the original source as given under references.


Zoltowski, B. D., Imaizumi, T. (2014). Structure and Function of the ZTL/FKF1/LKP2 Group Proteins in Arabidopsis. Enzymes, 35, 213-39.

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