Man pages for phylopath
Perform Phylogenetic Path Analysis

averageExtract and average the best supported models from a...
average_DAGsPerform model averaging on a list of DAGs.
bestExtract and estimate the best supported model from a...
choiceExtract and estimate an arbitrary model from a phylogenetic...
cichlidsCichlid traits and the evolution of cooperative breeding.
cichlids_treeCichlid phylogeny.
coef_plotPlot path coefficients and their confidence intervals or...
DAGDirected acyclic graphs (DAGs)
define_model_setDefine a model set.
est_DAGAdd standardized path coefficients to a DAG.
phylo_pathCompare causal models in a phylogenetic context.
plot.DAGPlot a directed acyclic graph.
plot.fitted_DAGPlot a directed acyclic graph with path coefficients.
plot_model_setPlot several causal hypothesis at once.
red_listData on brain size, life history and vulnerability to...
red_list_treeMammalian phylogeny
rhinoRhinogrades traits.
rhino_treeRhinogrades phylogeny.
show_warningsPrint out warnings from a phylopath analysis.
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