define_model_set: Define a model set.

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define_model_setR Documentation

Define a model set.


This is a convenience function to quickly and clearly define a set of causal models. Supply a list of formulas for each model, using either c(). Formulas should be of the form child ~ parent and describe each path in your model. Multiple children of a single parent can be combined into a single formula: child ~ parent1 + parent2.


define_model_set(..., .common = NULL)



Named arguments, which each are a lists of formulas defining the paths of a causal model.


A list of formulas that contain causal paths that are common to each model.


This function uses ggm::DAG().


A list of models, each of class matrix and DAG.


(m <- define_model_set(
  A = c(a~b, b~c),
  B = c(b~a, c~b),
  .common = c(d~a)))

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