pim.environment-class: The pim.environment class

Description Slots Note


This S4 class inherits from the S3 class environment. The environment serves as a container to hold the data, poset and the poset related functions of a probabilistic index model generated by the function pim. The objects of this class behave much like an environment, but contain some extra slots with information on the objects inside the environment.



an environment of class pim.poset containing the poset-related functions (normally these are L and R). This environment has the object itself as parent.


a character vector containing the names of the vectors that represent the data


integer value indicating the number of observations in the environment


a _named_ list containing the classes of the objects inside the environment. Note that the value should be the one given by class.


a logical value indicating whether or not the poset was added before.


This class is not exported, so it can't be extended as for now. Although it is possible to use the function new for creation of new instances, users are strongly advised to use the function new.pim.env in case they need to manually create a new instance of the class pim.environment.

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