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pim.summary-class: Class pim.summary

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This class contains the summary information from a probabilistic index model , and is created by using the function summary on an object of the pim-class.


The class pim.summary can be treated like a matrix to get out the coefficients, standard errors, Z values and/or p values.



contains an object of the class pim.formula containing the model fitted.


a character vector describing the type of model. See also the argument model of the function pim


a character value that contains the link. See also the argument link of the function pim


a numeric vector with the coefficients


a numeric vector with the standard errors for the coefficients


a numeric vector containing the Z values for the coefficients, testing whether the coefficient differs significantly from 0.


a numeric vector containing the related p-values for the coefficients.


a numeric value or a numeric vector containing the null hypothesis. See the argument at summary.pim

See Also

pim for more info on how to construct the model and summary.pim for the constructor.

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