Man pages for pins
Pin, Discover and Share Resources

board_cache_pathRetrieve Default Cache Path
board_connectConnect to Board
board_defaultDefault Board
board_deregisterDeregister Board
board_disconnectDisconnect to Board
board_getGet Board
board_listList Boards
board_registerRegister Board
board_register_azureRegister Azure Board
board_register_datatxtRegister Data TXT Board
board_register_dospaceRegister DigitalOcean Board
board_register_gcloudRegister Google Cloud Board
board_register_githubRegister GitHub Board
board_register_kaggleRegister Kaggle Board
board_register_localRegister Local Board
board_register_rsconnectRegister RStudio Connect Board
board_register_s3Register S3 Board
board_testTest Board
cranfilesIndex of tabular files found in CRAN packages
custom-boardsCustom Boards
custom-boards-utilsCustom Boards Utilities
custom-pinsCustom Pins
pinPin Resource
pin_default_nameCreate Pin Name
pin_findFind Pin
pin_getRetrieve Pin
pin_infoPin Info
pin_logPin Logging
pin_reactiveReactive Pin
pin_removeRemove Pin
pin_versionsPin Versions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ui_addin_pin_findLaunch Finder Addin
ui_connection_createLaunch Connection Addin
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