Man pages for pins
Pin, Discover and Share Resources

board_azureUse an Azure storage container as a board
board_cache_pathRetrieve default cache path
board_connectUse Posit Connect as board
board_connect_urlUse a vector of Posit Connect vanity URLs as a board
board_deparseDeparse a board object
board_folderUse a local folder as board
board_gcsUse a Google Cloud Storage bucket as a board
board_gdriveUse a Google Drive folder as a board
board_kaggleUse kaggle datasets/competitions as a board
board_ms365Use a OneDrive or Sharepoint document library as a board
board_registerBoard registry (legacy API)
board_s3Use an S3 bucket as a board
board_testTest Board
board_urlUse a vector of URLs as a board
cache_browseCache management
custom-boardsCustom Boards
custom-pinsCustom Pins
legacy_azureAzure board (legacy API)
legacy_datatxtRemote "data.txt" board (legacy API)
legacy_dospaceDigitalOcean board (legacy API)
legacy_gcloudGoogle Cloud board (legacy API)
legacy_githubGitHub board (legacy API)
legacy_kaggleKaggle board (legacy API)
legacy_localLocal board (legacy API)
legacy_s3S3 board (legacy API)
new_boardCreate a new board
pinPin a resource (legacy API)
pin_browseBrowse source of a pin
pin_default_nameCreate Pin Name
pin_deleteDelete a pin
pin_downloadUpload and download files to and from a board
pin_existsDetermine if a pin exists
pin_fetchFetch/store a pin
pin_findSearch for pins (legacy API)
pin_getRetrieve a pin (legacy API)
pin_infoRetrieve pin metadata (legacy API)
pin_listList all pins
pin_logPin Logging
pin_metaRetrieve metadata for a pin
pin_reactiveReactive Pin (legacy API)
pin_reactive_readWrap a pin in a reactive expression
pin_readRead and write objects to and from a board
pin_removeDelete a pin (legacy API)
pin_searchSearch for pins
pins-packagepins: Pin, Discover and Share Resources
pin_versionsList, delete, and prune pin versions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
required_pkgs.pins_boardDetermine required packages for a pins board
write_board_manifestWrite board manifest file to board's root directory
write_board_manifest_yamlWrite a manifest YAML file for a board
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