pin_versions: List, delete, and prune pin versions

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List, delete, and prune pin versions


  • pin_versions() lists available versions a pin.

  • pin_versions_prune() deletes old versions.

  • pin_version_delete() deletes a single version.


pin_versions(board, name, ...)

pin_version_delete(board, name, version, ...)

pin_versions_prune(board, name, n = NULL, days = NULL, ...)


board, name

A pair of board and pin name. For modern boards, use board %>% pin_versions(name). For backward compatibility with the legacy API, you can also use pin_versions(name) or pin_version(name, board).


Additional arguments passed on to methods for a specific board.


Version identifier.

n, days

Pick one of n or days to choose how many versions to keep. n = 3 will keep the last three versions, days = 14 will keep all the versions created in the 14 days. Regardless of what values you set, pin_versions_prune() will never delete the most recent version.


A data frame with at least a version column. Some boards may provided additional data.


board <- board_temp(versioned = TRUE)

board %>% pin_write(data.frame(x = 1:5), name = "df")
board %>% pin_write(data.frame(x = 2:6), name = "df")
board %>% pin_write(data.frame(x = 3:7), name = "df")

# pin_read() returns the latest version by default
board %>% pin_read("df")

# but you can return earlier versions if needed
board %>% pin_versions("df")

ver <- pin_versions(board, "df")$version[[1]]
board %>% pin_read("df", version = ver)

# delete all versions created more than 30 days ago
board %>% pin_versions_prune("df", days = 30)

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