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Search for pins


The underlying search method depends on the board, but most will search for text in the pin name and title.


pin_search(board, search = NULL, ...)



A pin board, created by board_folder(), board_connect(), board_url() or another board_ function.


A string to search for in pin name and title. Use NULL to return all pins.


Additional arguments passed on to methods.


A data frame that summarises the metadata for each pin. Key attributes (name, type, description, created, and file_size) are pulled out into columns; everything else can be found in the meta list-column.


board <- board_temp()

board %>% pin_write(1:5, "x", title = "Some numbers")
board %>% pin_write(letters[c(1, 5, 10, 15, 21)], "y", title = "My favourite letters")
board %>% pin_write(runif(20), "z", title = "Random numbers")

board %>% pin_search()
board %>% pin_search("number")
board %>% pin_search("letters")

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