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Use Posit Connect as board


To use a Posit Connect board, you need to first authenticate. The easiest way to do so is by launching Tools - Global Options - Publishing - Connect, and follow the instructions.

You can share pins with others in Posit Connect by changing the viewers of the document to specific users or groups. This is accomplished by opening the new published pin and then changing access under the settings tab. After you've shared the pin, it will be automatically available to others.


  auth = c("auto", "manual", "envvar", "rsconnect"),
  server = NULL,
  account = NULL,
  key = NULL,
  cache = NULL,
  name = "posit-connect",
  versioned = TRUE,
  use_cache_on_failure = is_interactive()

  auth = c("auto", "manual", "envvar", "rsconnect"),
  server = NULL,
  account = NULL,
  key = NULL,
  output_files = FALSE,
  cache = NULL,
  name = "posit-connect",
  versioned = TRUE,
  use_cache_on_failure = is_interactive()



There are three ways to authenticate:

  • auth = "manual" uses arguments server and key.

  • auth = "envvar" uses environment variables CONNECT_API_KEY and CONNECT_SERVER.

  • auth = "rsconnect" uses servers registered with the rsconnect package (filtered by server and account, if provided)

The default, auth = "auto", automatically picks between the three options, using "manual" if server and key are provided, "envvar" if both environment variables are set, and "rsconnect" otherwise.


For auth = "manual" or auth = 'envvar', the full url to the server, like ⁠⁠ or ⁠⁠. For auth = 'rsconnect' a host name used to disambiguate Connect accounts, like or


A user name used to disambiguate multiple Connect accounts.


The Posit Connect API key.


Cache path. Every board requires a local cache to avoid downloading files multiple times. The default stores in a standard cache location for your operating system, but you can override if needed.


An optional name used identify the board. This is no longer generally needed since you should be passing around an explicit board object.


Should this board be registered with support for versions?


If the pin fails to download, is it OK to use the last cached version? Defaults to is_interactive() so you'll be robust to poor internet connectivity when exploring interactively, but you'll get clear errors when the code is deployed. Note that this argument controls whether you use the cache for reading pins, but you can't create a board object unless you can connect to your Connect server.


[Deprecated] No longer supported.

Public pins

If your Posit Connect instance allows it, you can share a pin publicly by setting the access type to all:

board %>% pin_write(my_df, access_type = "all")

(You can also do this in Posit Connect by setting "Access" to "Anyone - no login required")

Now anyone can read your pin through board_url():

board <- board_url(c(
  numbers = ""
board %>% pin_read("numbers")

You can find the URL of a pin with pin_browse().

See Also

Other boards: board_connect_url(), board_folder(), board_url()


## Not run: 
board <- board_connect()
# Share the mtcars with your team
board %>% pin_write(mtcars, "mtcars")

# Download a shared dataset
board %>% pin_read("timothy/mtcars")

## End(Not run)

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