Man pages for pkr
Pharmacokinetics in R

AUCCalculate Area Under the Curve (AUC) and Area Under the first...
BasicUtilInternal Functions
BestSlopeChoose best fit slope for the log(y) and x regression by the...
combXPTCombine XPT files
conv.ppConvert intermeidate NCA result to adequate unit.
foreNCAForest plot to compare NCA results
IndiNCANoncompartmental Analysis for an Individual
IntAUCCalculate interval AUC
InterpolInterpolate y value
LinAUCArea Under the Curve(AUC) and Area Under the first Moment...
loadEXPCLoad EX and PC domain files in folders
LogAUCArea Under the Curve(AUC) and Area Under the first Moment...
NCANoncompartmental analysis for a dataset with multiple...
NCA0NCA of SDTM data for single subject
pdfNCANCA output to pdf file
pkr-packagePharmacokinetics in R
plotFitPlot best fit slope
plotPKPlot concentration vs. time curve for individuals and...
readEXRead EX domain files
readPCRead PC domain files
rNCADo NCA for review
RoundRound Half Away from Zero
RptCfgNCA Report Configuation Table
rtfNCANCA output to rtf file
SlopeGet the Slope of regression log(y) ~ x
sNCASimplest NCA
SubsetInternal Functions
tblNCATable output NCA
txtNCAText output of NCA for one subject
UnitDisply CDISC standard units and multiplied factor of NCA...
UTInternal Functions
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