Man pages for polyCub
Cubature over Polygonal Domains

checkintrfrCheck the Integral of r f_r(r)
circleCub.GaussIntegration of the Isotropic Gaussian Density over Circular...
coerce-gpc-methodsConversion between polygonal '"owin"' and '"gpc.poly"'
coerce-sp-methodsCoerce '"SpatialPolygons"' to '"owin"'
dotprodDot/Scalar Product of Two Vectors
gpclibPermit'gpclib' License Acceptance
isClosedCheck if Polygon is Closed
isScalarChecks if Argument is Scalar
plotpolyfPlot Polygonal Domain on Image of Bivariate Function
plot_polyregionPlots a Polygonal Domain (of Various Classes)
polyCubWrapper Function for the Various Cubature Methods
polyCub.exact.GaussQuasi-Exact Cubature of the Bivariate Normal Density
polyCub.isoCubature of Isotropic Functions over Polygonal Domains
polyCub.midpointTwo-Dimensional Midpoint Rule
polyCub-packageCubature over Polygonal Domains
polyCub.SVProduct Gauss Cubature over Polygonal Domains
polygaussCalculate 2D Nodes and Weights of the Product Gauss Cubature
sfg2gpcConvert polygonal '"sfg"' to '"gpc.poly"'
vecnormEuclidean Vector Norm (Length)
xylistConvert Various Polygon Classes to a Simple List of Vertices
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