Man pages for polyCub
Cubature over Polygonal Domains

checkintrfrCheck the Integral of r f_r(r)
circleCub.GaussIntegration of the Isotropic Gaussian Density over Circular...
coerce-gpc-methodsConversion between polygonal '"owin"' and '"gpc.poly"'
coerce-sp-methodsCoerce '"SpatialPolygons"' to '"owin"'
dotprodDot/Scalar Product of Two Vectors
gpclibPermit'gpclib' License Acceptance
isClosedCheck if Polygon is Closed
isScalarChecks if Argument is Scalar
plotpolyfPlot Polygonal Domain on Image of Bivariate Function
plot_polyregionPlots a Polygonal Domain (of Various Classes)
polyCubWrapper Function for the Various Cubature Methods
polyCub.exact.GaussQuasi-Exact Cubature of the Bivariate Normal Density
polyCub.isoCubature of Isotropic Functions over Polygonal Domains
polyCub.midpointTwo-Dimensional Midpoint Rule
polyCub-packageCubature over Polygonal Domains
polyCub.SVProduct Gauss Cubature over Polygonal Domains
polygaussCalculate 2D Nodes and Weights of the Product Gauss Cubature
vecnormEuclidean Vector Norm (Length)
xylistConvert Various Polygon Classes to a Simple List of Vertices
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