polyCub: Wrapper Function for the Various Cubature Methods

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Wrapper Function for the Various Cubature Methods


The wrapper function polyCub can be used to call specific cubature methods via its method argument. It calls polyCub.SV by default, which implements general-purpose product Gauss cubature.


polyCub(polyregion, f, method = c("SV", "midpoint", "iso", "exact.Gauss"),
  ..., plot = FALSE)



a polygonal domain. The following classes are supported: "owin" from package spatstat.geom, "gpc.poly" from rgeos (or gpclib), "SpatialPolygons", "Polygons", and "Polygon" from package sp, as well as "(MULTI)POLYGON" from package sf. (For these classes, polyCub knows how to get an xylist.)


a two-dimensional real-valued function to be integrated over polyregion. As its first argument it must take a coordinate matrix, i.e., a numeric matrix with two columns, and it must return a numeric vector of length the number of coordinates.
For the "exact.Gauss" method, f is ignored since it is specific to the bivariate normal density.


choose one of the implemented cubature methods (partial argument matching is applied), see help("polyCub-package") for an overview. Defaults to using product Gauss cubature implemented in polyCub.SV.


arguments of f or of the specific method.


logical indicating if an illustrative plot of the numerical integration should be produced.


The approximated integral of f over polyregion.

See Also

Details and examples in the vignette("polyCub") and on the method-specific help pages.

Other polyCub-methods: polyCub.SV(), polyCub.exact.Gauss(), polyCub.iso(), polyCub.midpoint()

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