gompertz: Gompertz model with log-normal observations.

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gompertz is a pomp object encoding a stochastic Gompertz population model with log-normal measurement error.


The state process is X[t+1]=K^(1-S) X[t]^S eps[t], where S=e^{-r} and the eps[t] are i.i.d. lognormal random deviates with variance sigma^2. The observed variables Y_t are distributed as lognormal(log(X[t]),tau). Parameters include the per-capita growth rate r, the carrying capacity K, the process noise s.d. sigma, the measurement error s.d. tau, and the initial condition X[0]. The pomp object includes parameter transformations that log-transform the parameters for estimation purposes.

See Also

pomp, ricker, and the tutorials at https://kingaa.github.io/pomp.



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