Man pages for popEpi
Functions for Epidemiological Analysis using Population Data

adjustAdjust Estimates by Categorical Variables
aggreAggregation of split 'Lexis' data
all_names_presentCheck if all names are present in given data
as.aggreCoercion to Class 'aggre' a 'ratetable' Object to Class 'data.frame' a 'ratetable' Object to Class 'data.table'
as.Date.yrsCoerce Fractional Year Values to Date Values
cast_simpleCast 'data.table'/'data.frame' from long format to wide...
cut_boundChange output values from cut(..., labels = NULL) output
direct_standardizationDirect Adjusting in 'popEpi' Using Weights
fac2numConvert factor variable to numeric
flexible_argumentFlexible Variable Usage in 'popEpi' Functions
get.yrsConvert date objects to fractional years
ICSSAge standardisation weights from the ICSS scheme.
is.DateTest if object is a 'Date' object
is_leap_yearDetect leap years
Lexis_fpaCreate a Lexis Object with Follow-up Time, Period, and Age...
lexpandSplit case-level observations
lines.sirsplinelines method for sirspline-object
lines.survmeanGraphically Inspect Curves Used in Mean Survival Computation
lines.survtab'lines' method for survtab objects
longDF2ratetable*Experimental*: Coerce a long-format 'data.frame' to a...
lower_boundReturn lower_bound value from char string (20,30]
ltableTabulate Counts and Other Functions by Multiple Variables...
makeWeightsDTMake a 'data.table' of Tabulated, Aggregated Values and...
meanpop_fiMean population counts in Finland year, sex, and age group.
na2zeroConvert NA's to zero in data.table
plot.rateplot method for rate object
plot.sirPlot method for sir-object
plot.sirspline'plot' method for sirspline-object
plot.survmeanGraphically Inspect Curves Used in Mean Survival Computation
plot.survtab'plot' method for survtab objects
poisson.ciGet rate and exact Poisson confidence intervals
popEpipopEpi: Functions for large-scale epidemiological analysis
pophazExpected / Population Hazard Data Sets Usage in 'popEpi'
popmortPopulation mortality rates in Finland 1951 - 2013 in 101 age...
prepExpoPrepare Exposure Data for Aggregation
print.aggrePrint an 'aggre' Object
print.ratePrint an rate object
print.survtabPrint a survtab Object
rateDirect-Standardised Incidence/Mortality Rates
rate_ratioConfidence intervals for the rate ratios
relpoisExcess hazard Poisson model
relpois_agExcess hazard Poisson model
robust_valuesConvert values to numeric robustly
rpcurveMarginal piecewise parametric relative survival curve
RPLRelative Poisson family object
setaggreSet 'aggre' attributes to an object by modifying in place
setclassSet the class of an object (convenience function for...
setcolsnullDelete 'data.table' columns if there
sibrsibr - a simulated cohort of Finnish female breast cancer...
sirCalculate SIR or SMR
siresire - a simulated cohort of Finnish female rectal cancer...
sir_expCalculate SMR
sir_ratioConfidence intervals for the ratio of two SIRs/SMRs
sirsplineEstimate splines for SIR or SMR
splitLexisDTSplit case-level observations
splitMultiSplit case-level observations
stdpop101World standard population by 1 year age groups from 1 to 101....
stdpop18Standard populations from 2000: world, Europe and Nordic.
summary.aggreSummarize an 'aggre' Object
summary.survtabSummarize a survtab Object
survmeanCompute Mean Survival Times Using Extrapolation
survtabEstimate Survival Time Functions
survtab_agEstimate Survival Time Functions
try2intAttempt coercion to integer
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