plot.survmean: Graphically Inspect Curves Used in Mean Survival Computation

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Plots the observed (with extrapolation) and expected survival curves for all strata in an object created by survmean


## S3 method for class 'survmean'
plot(x, ...)



a survmean object


arguments passed (ultimately) to matlines; you may, therefore, supply e.g. xlab through this, though arguments such as lty and col will not work


For examples see survmean. This function is intended only for graphically inspecting that the observed survival curves with extrapolation and the expected survival curves have been sensibly computed in survmean.

If you want finer control over the plotted curves, extract the curves from the survmean output using

attr(x, "curves")

where x is a survmean object.


Joonas Miettinen

See Also

Other survmean_related: lines.survmean, survmean

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