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Power and Reversal Power Distributions

ExponentialPowerThe Exponential Power Distribution
GumbelThe Gumbel Distribution
powdist-packagePower and reversal power distributions
PowerCauchyThe Power Cauchy Distribution
PowerExponentialPowerThe Power Exponential Power Distribution
PowerLaplaceThe Power Laplace Distribution
PowerLogisticThe Power Logistic Distribution
PowerNormalThe Power Normal Distribution
PowerReversalGumbelThe Power Reversal-Gumbel Distribution
PowerTThe Power Student t Distribution
ReversalGumbelThe Reversal-Gumbel Distribution
ReversalPowerCauchyThe Reversal Power Cauchy Distribution
ReversalPowerExponentialPowerThe Reversal Power Exponential Power Distribution
ReversalPowerLaplaceThe Power Reversal Laplace Distribution
ReversalPowerLogisticThe Reversal Power Logistic Distribution
ReversalPowerNormalThe Reversal Power Normal Distribution
ReversalPowerReversalGumbelThe Reversal Power Reversal-Gumbel Distribution
ReversalPowerTThe Power Reversal Student t Distribution
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