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Model comparison for regression, mediation, and factor analysis


When doing regressions from the data or from a correlation matrix using setCor or doing a mediation analysis using link{mediate}, it is useful to compare alternative models. Since these are both regression models, the appropriate test is an Analysis of Variance. Similar tests, using Chi Square may be done for factor analytic models.


## S3 method for class 'psych'



An object from setCor, mediate, omega, or fa.


More objects of the same type may be supplied here


setCor returns the SE.residual and degrees of freedom. These are converted to SSR and then an analysis of variance is used to compare two (or more) models. For omega or fa the change in the ML chisquare statistic as a function of change in df is reported.


An ANOVA table comparing the models.


The code has been adapted from the anova.lm function in stats and the anova.sem by John Fox.


Wiliam Revelle

See Also

setCor, mediate, omega, fa


if(require("psychTools")) {
m1 <- setCor(reaction ~ import, data = Tal_Or,std=FALSE)
m2 <- setCor(reaction ~ import+pmi, data = Tal_Or,std=FALSE)
m3 <- setCor(reaction ~ import+pmi + cond, data = Tal_Or,std=FALSE)

#Several interesting test cases are taken from analyses of the Spengler data set
#Although the sample sizes are actually very large in the first wave,  I use the
#sample sizes from the last wave 
#This data set is actually in psychTools but is copied here until we can update psychTools
#We set the n.iter to be 50 instead of the default value of 5,000
if(require("psychTools")) {

 mod1 <- mediate(Income.50 ~ IQ + Parental+ (Ed.11) ,data=Spengler,
    n.obs = 1952, n.iter=50)
 mod2 <- mediate(Income.50 ~ IQ + Parental+ (Ed.11)  + (Income.11)
  ,data=Spengler,n.obs = 1952, n.iter=50)

#Now, compare these models

f3 <- fa(Thurstone,3,n.obs=213)  #we need to specifiy the n.obs for the test to work
f2 <- fa(Thurstone,2, n.obs=213)

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