Man pages for quanteda.textstats
Textual Statistics for the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data

as.list.textstat_proxytextstat_simil/dist coercion methods
as.matrix.textstat_simil_sparseas.matrix method for textstat_simil_sparse
check_dotsCheck arguments passed to other functions via ...
compute_lexdiv_statsCompute lexical diversity from a dfm or tokens
compute_mattrCompute the Moving-Average Type-Token Ratio (MATTR)
compute_msttrCompute the Mean Segmental Type-Token Ratio (MSTTR)
data_char_wordlistsWord lists for readability statistics
dfm_split_hyphenated_featuresSplit a dfm's hyphenated features into constituent parts
diag2naconvert same-value pairs to NA in a textstat_proxy object
head.textstat_proxyReturn the first or last part of a textstat_proxy object
nscrabbleCount the Scrabble letter values of text
nsyllable.tokensnsyllable methods for tokens
quanteda.textstats-packagequanteda.textstats: Textual Statistics for the Quantitative...
textstat_collocationsIdentify and score multi-word expressions
textstat_entropyCompute entropies of documents or features
textstat_frequencyTabulate feature frequencies
textstat_keynessCalculate keyness statistics
textstat_lexdivCalculate lexical diversity
textstat_proxy[Experimental] Compute document/feature proximity
textstat_proxy-classtextstat_simil/dist classes
textstat_readabilityCalculate readability
textstat_selectSelect rows of textstat objects by glob, regex or fixed...
textstat_similSimilarity and distance computation between documents or...
textstat_summarySummarize documents as syntactic and lexical feature counts
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