Man pages for r.jive
Perform JIVE Decomposition for Multi-Source Data

DataBRCA TCGA Dataset
jiveJIVE Decomposition for Multi-source Data
jive.predictPredict JIVE scores for new data
pjsumCalculate Number of Free Parameters for BIC Calculation
plot.jiveCreate Plots for a JIVE Object
r.jive-packagePerform JIVE Decompositions for Multi-Source Data
showHeatmapsHeatmaps for JIVE Decompositions
show.imageDraw a Heatmap from a Matrix
showPCAPrincipal Component Plots for JIVE Decomposition
showVarExplainedDisplay Variance Explained
SimDataSimulated Dataset
SimResultsJIVE Results for Simulated Dataset
summary.jiveSummarize a JIVE Decomposition
svdwrapperWrapper Function to Perform SVD
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