SS_readdat: read Stock Synthesis data file

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read Stock Synthesis data file


Read Stock Synthesis data file into list object in R. This function is a wrapper which calls SS_readdat_2.00, SS_readdat_3.00, SS_readdat_3.24, or SS_readdat_3.30 (and potentially additional functions in the future). This setup allows those functions to be cleaner (if somewhat redundant) than a single function that attempts to do everything. Returned datlist is mostly consistent across versions.


  version = "3.30",
  verbose = TRUE,
  echoall = FALSE,
  section = NULL



Filename either with full path or relative to working directory.

See the formal arguments for a possible default filename.


SS version number. Currently "2.00", "3.00", "3.24" or "3.30" are supported, either as character or numeric values (noting that numeric 3.30 = 3.3). If version is NULL, the version (3.24 or 3.30) will be looked for on the first line of the file.


Should there be verbose output while running the file? Default=TRUE.


Debugging tool (not fully implemented) of echoing blocks of data as it is being read.


Which data set to read. Only applies for a data.ss_new file created by Stock Synthesis. Allows the choice of either expected values (section=2) or bootstrap data (section=3+). Leaving default of section=NULL will read input data, (equivalent to section=1).


Ian G. Taylor, Allan C. Hicks, Neil L. Klaer, Kelli F. Johnson, Chantel R. Wetzel

See Also

SS_readdat_2.00(), SS_readdat_3.00(), SS_readdat_3.24(), SS_readdat_3.30(), SS_readctl(), SS_readctl_3.24() SS_readstarter(), SS_readforecast(), SS_writestarter(), SS_writeforecast(), SS_writedat()

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