Man pages for r5r
Rapid Realistic Routing with 'R5'

accessibilityCalculate access to opportunities
apply_elevationApply elevation to street network
assert_decay_functionAssert decay function and parameter values
assert_points_inputAssert class of origin and destination inputs and the type of...
check_connectionCheck internet connection with Ipea server
detailed_itinerariesCalculate detailed itineraries between origin destination...
download_metadataDownload metadata of R5 jar files
download_r5Download R5 Jar file
find_snapFind snapped locations of input points on street network
posix_to_stringGenerate date and departure time strings from POSIXct
select_modeSelect transport mode
set_max_ltsSet max Level of Transit Stress (LTS)
set_max_ridesSet max number of transfers
set_max_street_timeSet max street time
set_n_threadsSet number of threads
set_speedSet walk and bike speed
set_suboptimal_minutesSet suboptimal minutes
setup_r5Create transport network used for routing in R5
set_verboseSet verbose argument
stop_r5Stop running r5r core
street_network_to_sfExtract OpenStreetMap network in sf format from a network.dat...
tobler_hikingTobler's hiking function
travel_time_matrixCalculate travel time matrix between origin destination pairs
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