set_suboptimal_minutes: Set suboptimal minutes

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Set suboptimalMinutes parameter in R5.


set_suboptimal_minutes(r5r_core, suboptimal_minutes)



rJava object to connect with R5 routing engine


numeric. The number of suboptimal minutes in a public transport point-to-point query. From R5's documentation: This parameter compensates for the fact that GTFS does not contain information about schedule deviation (lateness). The min-max travel time range for some trains is zero, since the trips are reported to always have the same timings in the schedule. Such an option does not overlap (temporally) its alternatives, and is too easily eliminated by an alternative that is only marginally better. We want to effectively push the max travel time of alternatives out a bit to account for the fact that they don't always run on schedule.


No return value, called for side effects.

See Also

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