rapportools: Miscellaneous (stats) helper functions with sane defaults for reporting

Helper functions that act as wrappers to more advanced statistical methods with the advantage of having sane defaults for quick reporting.

AuthorAleksandar Blagotić <alex@rapporter.net> and Gergely Daróczi <daroczig@rapporter.net>
Date of publication2014-01-07 07:28:36
MaintainerGergely Daróczi <daroczig@rapporter.net>

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adj.rle Man page
alike.integer Man page
capitalise Man page
catn Man page
fml Man page
htest Man page
htest.short Man page
iqr Man page
IQR Man page
is.boolean Man page
is.empty Man page
is.number Man page
is.string Man page
is.tabular Man page
is.variable Man page
kurtosis Man page
label Man page
label<- Man page
lambda.test Man page
max Man page
mean Man page
median Man page
messagef Man page
min Man page
n Man page
name Man page
nmissing Man page
nvalid Man page
pct Man page
percent Man page
range Man page
rp.desc Man page
rp.freq Man page
rp.iqr Man page
rp.label Man page
rp.label<- Man page
rp.max Man page
rp.mean Man page
rp.median Man page
rp.min Man page
rp.missing Man page
rp.n Man page
rp.name Man page
rp.outlier Man page
rp.percent Man page
rp.range Man page
rp.sd Man page
rp.se.mean Man page
rp.sum Man page
rp.valid Man page
rp.var Man page
sd Man page
se.mean Man page
skewness Man page
stopf Man page
sum Man page
tocamel Man page
trim.space Man page
univar Man page
var Man page
vgsub Man page
warningf Man page


rapportools/R/utils.R rapportools/R/outlier.R rapportools/R/label.R rapportools/R/lambda.R rapportools/R/init.R rapportools/R/univar.R rapportools/R/htest.R rapportools/R/kurtosis.R rapportools/R/tables.R
rapportools/man/var.Rd rapportools/man/rp.desc.Rd rapportools/man/tocamel.Rd rapportools/man/vgsub.Rd rapportools/man/percent.Rd rapportools/man/messagef.Rd rapportools/man/n.Rd rapportools/man/pct.Rd rapportools/man/mean.Rd rapportools/man/max.Rd rapportools/man/alike.integer.Rd rapportools/man/sd.Rd rapportools/man/min.Rd rapportools/man/skewness.Rd rapportools/man/is.variable.Rd rapportools/man/nmissing.Rd rapportools/man/trim.space.Rd rapportools/man/adj.rle.Rd rapportools/man/se.mean.Rd rapportools/man/univar.Rd rapportools/man/is.number.Rd rapportools/man/name.Rd rapportools/man/kurtosis.Rd rapportools/man/rp.outlier.Rd rapportools/man/rp.freq.Rd rapportools/man/capitalise.Rd rapportools/man/median.Rd rapportools/man/is.boolean.Rd rapportools/man/label.Rd rapportools/man/nvalid.Rd rapportools/man/catn.Rd rapportools/man/warningf.Rd rapportools/man/stopf.Rd rapportools/man/lambda.test.Rd rapportools/man/range.Rd rapportools/man/iqr.Rd rapportools/man/is.string.Rd rapportools/man/is.empty.Rd rapportools/man/htest.Rd rapportools/man/label-set.Rd rapportools/man/is.tabular.Rd rapportools/man/sum.Rd rapportools/man/fml.Rd rapportools/man/htest.short.Rd

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