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'RAVE' is a R project that aims at providing interactive analysis and visualization of intracranial Electroencephalography. Developed by Beauchamp's Lab, supported by NIH 1R24MH117529

This package is part of rave family that provides readers from multiple file formats, including: EDF(+), BrainVision, BIDS-iEEG, Matlab files commonly used by neuroscientists HDF5, common file format used by 'Matlab', 'Python', 'C++', and 'R' * FST, a file format that supports GB-level read/write speed

Internally support 'RAVE' format; see wiki page.


raveio is part of rave. Please install rave directly from the wiki page.

To install raveio alone, simply type R command:



Please cite the following papers in publication use:

You can type print(citation('raveio'), bibtex = TRUE) to print details.

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