Man pages for raveio
Utility Toolbox for RAVE Project

as_rave_projectConvert character to 'RAVEProject' instance
as_rave_subjectGet 'RAVESubject' instance from character
as_rave_unitConvert numeric number into print-friendly format
catglPrint colored messages
dir_create2Force creating directory with checks
ECoGTensor'iEEG/ECoG' Tensor class inherit from 'Tensor'
find_pathTry to find path along the root directory
get_projectsGet all possible projects in 'RAVE' directory
get_val2Get value or return default if invalid
h5_namesReturns all names contained in 'HDF5' file
h5_validCheck whether a 'HDF5' file can be opened for read/write
is.blankCheck If Input Has Blank String
is_valid_ishCheck if data is close to "valid"
is.zerolenthCheck If Input Has Zero Length
join_tensorsJoin Multiple Tensors into One Tensor
LazyFSTR6 Class to Load 'fst' Files
LazyH5Lazy 'HDF5' file loader
load_bids_ieeg_headerRead in description files from 'BIDS-iEEG' format
load_fst_or_h5Function try to load 'fst' arrays, if not found, read 'HDF5'...
load_h5Lazy Load 'HDF5' File via 'rhdf5'
load_meta2Load 'RAVE' subject meta data
load_yamlA port to 'read_yaml'
RAVEEpochDefinition for epoch class
rave_importImport data into 'rave' projects
raveio-optionSet/Get 'raveio' option
RAVEPreprocessSettingsDefinition for preprocess configurations
RAVEProjectDefinition for 'RAVE' project class
rave-raw-validationValidate raw files in 'rave' directory
RAVESubjectDefinition for 'RAVE' subject class
read-brainvision-eegLoad from 'BrainVision' file
read_csv_ieegRead comma separated value file and ignore headers
read_edf_headerRead 'EDF(+)' or 'BDF(+)' file headers
read_edf_signalRead 'EDF(+)' or 'BDF(+)' file signals
read_matRead 'Matlab' files
read-write-fstRead a 'fst' file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
safe_read_csvRead comma separated value files with given column classes
safe_write_csvSave data to comma separated value files with backups
save_h5Save objects to 'HDF5' file without trivial checks
save_meta2Function to save meta data to 'RAVE' subject
save_yamlWrite named list to file
TensorR6 Class for large Tensor (Array) in Hybrid Mode
test_hdspeedSimple hard disk speed test
time_diff2Calculate time difference in seconds
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