Man pages for rbounds
Perform Rosenbaum bounds sensitivity tests for matched and unmatched data.

AngristLavyAngrist and Lavy (1999) Maimonides' Rule Data Set
binarysensSensitivity Test for Matched Binary Outcome
data.prepFormat Match() object for sensitivity test.
FisherSensRosenbaum Sensitivity Analysis for Fisher's Exact Test
hlsensRosenbaum Bounds for Hodges-Lehmann Point Estimate
iv_sensFunction to calculate Rosenbaum bounds for IV Estimator based...
mcontrolSensitivity Analysis For Multiple Matched Controls
print.rboundsSummarize output from rbounds object
psensRosenbaum Bounds for Sign Rank
SumTestSensRosenbaum Sensitivity Analysis for Unmatched Groups
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