remix: Remix your data

remix provides remix, a quick and easy function for describing datasets. It can be view as a mix of cast (in package reshape) and summary.formula (in package Hmisc).

AuthorDavid Hajage
Date of publication2011-10-04 07:25:26
MaintainerDavid Hajage <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ascii.correlation: Ascii for correlation object.

ascii.freq: Ascii for freq object.

ascii.remix: Ascii for remix object.

ascii.summarize: Ascii for summarize object. Ascii for object.

ascii.survival: Ascii for survival object.

ascii.tabular: Ascii for tabular object. for correlation object. for freq object. for summarize object. for object. for survival object. for tabular object.

cbind.list: Cbind for list

check_formula: Check if a variable is repeated several times in a formula

correlation: Compute correlation Compute correlation (data.frame input)

cross: Cross x and y

cross_list: Cross variables in a list

demix: Demix

display.test: Display a test result

expand_formula: Expand ... in a formula

freq: Compute frequencies Compute frequencies (data.frame input)

funs2fun: Concatenate functions

is.correlation: Test if 'x' is a correlation object

is.freq: Test if 'x' is an freq object

is.remix: Test if 'x' is an remix object

is.summarize: Test if 'x' is a summarize object Test if 'x' is a object

is.survival: Test if 'x' is a survival object

is.tabular: Test if 'x' is an tabular object

left_right: Separate left and right part of a formula

n: Return the number of non NA observations

na: Return the number of NA observations

n.table: 'table' with addmargins and test

parse_data: Parse data

parse_formula: Parse a formula

print.correlation: Print correlation object.

print.freq: Print freq object.

print.remix: Print a remix object

print.summarize: Print summarize object. Print object.

print.survival: Print survival object.

print.tabular: Print tabular object.

p.table: 'prop.table' with cell proportion, addmargins and propNA

rbind.list: Rbind for list

regroup: Regroup factors with factors, and numerical variables with...

remix: Remix and describe.

remove_blank: Remove blank in a formula

summarize: Compute summary statistics Compute summary statistics according to a factor Compute summary statistics (data.frame input) Compute summary statistics according to a factor (data.frame...

survival: Compute survival Compute survival (data.frame input) Compute survival according to a factor (data.frame input)

tabular: Compute a contingency table Compute a contingency table (data.frame input) test for mean comparison

test.summarize.kruskal: test for mean comparison

test.summarize.oneway.equalvar: test for mean comparison

test.summarize.oneway.unequalvar: test for mean comparison

test.survival.logrank: test for survival comparison test for contingency table

test.tabular.fisher: test for contingency table

Files in this package

remix/man/ascii.correlation.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/ remix/man/cross.Rd remix/man/left_right.Rd remix/man/check_formula.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/ascii.survival.Rd remix/man/expand_formula.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/summarize.Rd remix/man/print.remix.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/ remix/man/display.test.Rd remix/man/ascii.summarize.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/test.summarize.oneway.unequalvar.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/test.summarize.oneway.equalvar.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/remix.Rd remix/man/correlation.Rd remix/man/is.correlation.Rd remix/man/remove_blank.Rd remix/man/parse_data.Rd remix/man/print.tabular.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/ remix/man/print.summarize.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/print.freq.Rd remix/man/demix.Rd remix/man/ascii.freq.Rd remix/man/is.survival.Rd remix/man/freq.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/n.Rd remix/man/test.tabular.fisher.Rd remix/man/na.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/rbind.list.Rd remix/man/tabular.Rd remix/man/parse_formula.Rd remix/man/test.survival.logrank.Rd remix/man/ascii.tabular.Rd remix/man/is.remix.Rd remix/man/print.correlation.Rd remix/man/cbind.list.Rd remix/man/survival.Rd remix/man/is.summarize.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/cross_list.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/n.table.Rd remix/man/is.freq.Rd remix/man/is.tabular.Rd remix/man/p.table.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/regroup.Rd remix/man/test.summarize.kruskal.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/funs2fun.Rd remix/man/ascii.remix.Rd remix/man/ remix/man/print.survival.Rd

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