Man pages for remix
Remix your data

ascii.correlationAscii for correlation object.
ascii.freqAscii for freq object.
ascii.remixAscii for remix object.
ascii.summarizeAscii for summarize object.
ascii.summarize.byAscii for object.
ascii.survivalAscii for survival object.
ascii.tabularAscii for tabular object. for correlation object. for freq object. for summarize object. for object. for survival object. for tabular object.
cbind.listCbind for list
check_formulaCheck if a variable is repeated several times in a formula
correlationCompute correlation correlation (data.frame input)
crossCross x and y
cross_listCross variables in a list
display.testDisplay a test result
expand_formulaExpand ... in a formula
freqCompute frequencies frequencies (data.frame input)
funs2funConcatenate functions
is.correlationTest if 'x' is a correlation object
is.freqTest if 'x' is an freq object
is.remixTest if 'x' is an remix object
is.summarizeTest if 'x' is a summarize object
is.summarize.byTest if 'x' is a object
is.survivalTest if 'x' is a survival object
is.tabularTest if 'x' is an tabular object
left_rightSeparate left and right part of a formula
nReturn the number of non NA observations
naReturn the number of NA observations
n.table'table' with addmargins and test
parse_dataParse data
parse_formulaParse a formula
print.correlationPrint correlation object.
print.freqPrint freq object.
print.remixPrint a remix object
print.summarizePrint summarize object.
print.summarize.byPrint object.
print.survivalPrint survival object.
print.tabularPrint tabular object.
p.table'prop.table' with cell proportion, addmargins and propNA
rbind.listRbind for list
regroupRegroup factors with factors, and numerical variables with...
remixRemix and describe.
remove_blankRemove blank in a formula
summarizeCompute summary statistics
summarize.byCompute summary statistics according to a factor summary statistics (data.frame input) summary statistics according to a factor (data.frame...
survivalCompute survival survival (data.frame input) survival according to a factor (data.frame input)
tabularCompute a contingency table a contingency table (data.frame input)
test.summarize.autotest for mean comparison
test.summarize.kruskaltest for mean comparison
test.summarize.oneway.equalvartest for mean comparison
test.summarize.oneway.unequalvartest for mean comparison
test.survival.logranktest for survival comparison
test.tabular.autotest for contingency table
test.tabular.fishertest for contingency table
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