remote: Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R

Empirical orthogonal teleconnections in R. 'remote' is short for 'R(-based) EMpirical Orthogonal TEleconnections'. It implements a collection of functions to facilitate empirical orthogonal teleconnection analysis. Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections (EOTs) denote a regression based approach to decompose spatio-temporal fields into a set of independent orthogonal patterns. They are quite similar to Empirical Orthogonal Functions (EOFs) with EOTs producing less abstract results. In contrast to EOFs, which are orthogonal in both space and time, EOT analysis produces patterns that are orthogonal in either space or time.

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AuthorTim Appelhans, Florian Detsch, Thomas Nauss
Date of publication2016-09-17 18:03:36
MaintainerTim Appelhans <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE

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australiaGPCP Man page
calcVar Man page
covWeight Man page
cutStack Man page
deg2rad Man page
denoise Man page
deseason Man page
deseason,numeric-method Man page
deseason,RasterStackBrick-method Man page
eot Man page
EotCycle Man page
EotMode-class Man page
eot,RasterStackBrick-method Man page
[[,EotStack,ANY,ANY-method Man page
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lagalize Man page
longtermMeans Man page
names Man page
names<- Man page
names<-,EotMode-method Man page
names,EotMode-method Man page
names<-,EotStack-method Man page
names,EotStack-method Man page
nmodes Man page
nmodes,EotStack-method Man page
nXplain Man page
nXplain,EotStack-method Man page
pacificSST Man page
plot Man page
plot,EotMode,ANY-method Man page
plot,EotStack,ANY-method Man page
predict Man page
predict,EotMode-method Man page
predict,EotStack-method Man page
remote Man page
remote-package Man page
subset Man page
subset,EotStack-method Man page
vdendool Man page
writeEot Man page
writeEot,EotMode-method Man page
writeEot,EotStack-method Man page

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