Man pages for remote
Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R

anomalizeCreate an anomaly RasterStack
australiaGPCPMonthly GPCP precipitation data for Australia
calcVarCalculate space-time variance of a RasterStack or RasterBrick
covWeightCreate a weighted covariance matrix
cutStackShorten a RasterStack
deg2radConvert degrees to radians
denoiseNoise filtering through principal components
deseasonCreate seasonal anomalies
eotEOT analysis of a predictor and (optionally) a response...
EotCycleCalculate a single EOT
EotMode-classClass EotMode
EotStack-classClass EotStack
geoWeightGeographic weighting
getWeightsCalculate weights from latitude
lagalizeCreate lagged RasterStacks
longtermMeansCalculate long-term means from a 'RasterStack'
namesNames of Eot* objects
nmodesNumber of modes of an EotStack
nXplainNumber of EOTs needed for variance explanation
pacificSSTMonthly SSTs for the tropical Pacific Ocean
plotPlot an Eot* object
predictEOT based spatial prediction
remote-packageR EMpirical Orthogonal TEleconnections
subsetSubset modes in EotStacks
vdendoolMean seasonal (DJF) 700 mb geopotential heights
writeEotWrite Eot* objects to disk
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