remote-package: R EMpirical Orthogonal TEleconnections

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R EMpirical Orthogonal TEleconnections


A collection of functions to facilitate empirical orthogonal teleconnection analysis. Some handy functions for preprocessing, such as deseasoning, denoising, lagging are readily available for ease of usage.


Tim Appelhans, Florian Detsch

Maintainer: Tim Appelhans


Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections
H. M. van den Dool, S. Saha, A. Johansson (2000)
Journal of Climate, Volume 13, Issue 8 (April 2000) pp. 1421 - 1435

Empirical methods in short-term climate prediction
H. M. van den Dool (2007)
Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York (2007)

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remote is built upon Raster* classes from the raster-package. Please see their documentation for data preparation etc.

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