resemble: Regression and Similarity Evaluation for Memory-Based Learning in Spectral Chemometrics

Implementation of functions for spectral similarity/dissimilarity analysis and memory-based learning (MBL) for non-linear modeling in complex spectral datasets. In chemometrics MBL is also known as local modeling.

AuthorLeonardo Ramirez-Lopez [aut, cre], Antoine Stevens [aut]
Date of publication2016-03-04 00:11:00
MaintainerLeonardo Ramirez-Lopez <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

cms: Function for computing the mean of each column in a 'matrix'

colSds: Function for computing the standard deviation of each column...

corDiss: Correlation and moving correlation dissimilarity measurements...

cSds: Standard deviation of columns

e2m: A function for transforming a matrix from its Euclidean spcae...

fastDist: A fast distance algorithm for two matrices written in C++

fastDistVV: A fast (parallel for linux) algorithm of (squared) Euclidean...

fastDistVVL: A fast (serial) algorithm of (squared) Euclidean...

fDiss: Euclidean, Mahalanobis and cosine dissimilarity measurements

fopls: fast orthogonal scores algorithn of partial leat squares...

getPredictions: Extract predictions from an object of class 'mbl'

gprCv: Cross validation for Gaussian process regression

gprdp: Gaussian process regression with linear kernel (gprdp)

gpr.dp: Gaussian process regression with dot product covariance

isubset: iterator that re-organize and subset a matrix based on...

locFitnpred: Local multivariate regression

mbl: A function for memory-based learning (mbl)

mblControl: A function that controls some aspects of the memory-based...

minDissV: A function to compute indices of minimum values of a distance...

movcorDist: Moving/rolling correlation distance of two matrices

neigCleaning: A function for identifying samples that do not belong to any...

opls: orthogonal scores algorithn of partial leat squares (opls)

orthoDiss: A function for computing dissimilarity matrices from...

orthoProjection: Orthogonal projections using partial least squares and...

pgpcv_cpp: Internal Cpp function for performing leave-group-out cross...

plot.mbl: Plot method for an object of class 'mbl'

plot.orthoProjection: Plot method for an object of class 'orthoProjection'

plsCv: Cross validation for PLS regression

pplscv_cpp: Internal Cpp function for performing leave-group-out cross...

predgprdp: Prediction function for the 'gprdp' function (Gaussian...

pred.gpr.dp: Prediction function for "gpr.dp" (Gaussian process regression...

predopls: Prediction function for the 'opls' and 'opls2' functions

print.localOrthoDiss: Print method for an object of class 'orthoDiss'

print.mbl: Print method for an object of class 'mbl'

print.orthoProjection: Print method for an object of class 'orthoProjection'

projectpls: Projection function for the 'opls' function

resemble-package: Overview of the functions in the resemble package

sid: A function for computing the spectral information divergence...

simEval: A function for evaluating similarity/dissimilarity matrices...

smpl: A simple ramdom sampling function

sqrtSm: Square root of (square) symetric matrices

waplswCpp: Internal Cpp function for computing the weights of the PLS...

wapls.weights: Internal function for computing the weights of the PLS...

wcolSds: Function for identifiying the column in a 'matrix' with the...

which_min: A function to compute row-wise index of minimum values of a...

which_minV: A function to compute indices of minimum values of a distance...

Files in this package

resemble/R/plot.orthoProjection.R resemble/R/orthoProjection.R resemble/R/print.orthoProjection.R resemble/R/sid.R resemble/R/print.localOrthoDiss.R resemble/R/getPredictions.R resemble/R/orthoDiss.R resemble/R/mbl.R resemble/R/print.mbl.R resemble/R/corDiss.R resemble/R/resemble.R resemble/R/plot.mbl.R resemble/R/fDiss.R resemble/R/RcppExports.R resemble/R/mblControl.R resemble/R/simEval.R resemble/R/neigCleaning.R resemble/R/AAA.R
resemble/man/mblControl.Rd resemble/man/gprdp.Rd resemble/man/pgpcv_cpp.Rd resemble/man/orthoProjection.Rd resemble/man/predgprdp.Rd resemble/man/waplswCpp.Rd resemble/man/fastDist.Rd resemble/man/locFitnpred.Rd resemble/man/sid.Rd resemble/man/colSds.Rd resemble/man/cSds.Rd resemble/man/e2m.Rd resemble/man/getPredictions.Rd resemble/man/fopls.Rd resemble/man/movcorDist.Rd resemble/man/isubset.Rd resemble/man/minDissV.Rd resemble/man/which_min.Rd resemble/man/pplscv_cpp.Rd resemble/man/cms.Rd resemble/man/print.localOrthoDiss.Rd resemble/man/resemble-package.Rd resemble/man/gpr.dp.Rd resemble/man/wapls.weights.Rd resemble/man/opls.Rd resemble/man/fastDistVVL.Rd resemble/man/mbl.Rd resemble/man/plot.mbl.Rd resemble/man/fDiss.Rd resemble/man/projectpls.Rd resemble/man/fastDistVV.Rd resemble/man/corDiss.Rd resemble/man/smpl.Rd resemble/man/neigCleaning.Rd resemble/man/gprCv.Rd resemble/man/print.orthoProjection.Rd resemble/man/wcolSds.Rd resemble/man/which_minV.Rd resemble/man/predopls.Rd resemble/man/print.mbl.Rd resemble/man/plot.orthoProjection.Rd resemble/man/plsCv.Rd resemble/man/sqrtSm.Rd resemble/man/simEval.Rd resemble/man/pred.gpr.dp.Rd resemble/man/orthoDiss.Rd

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