resemble: Regression and Similarity Evaluation for Memory-Based Learning in Spectral Chemometrics

Implementation of functions for spectral similarity/dissimilarity analysis and memory-based learning (MBL) for non-linear modeling in complex spectral datasets. In chemometrics MBL is also known as local modeling.

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AuthorLeonardo Ramirez-Lopez [aut, cre], Antoine Stevens [aut]
Date of publication2016-03-04 00:11:00
MaintainerLeonardo Ramirez-Lopez <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

cms: Function for computing the mean of each column in a 'matrix'

colSds: Function for computing the standard deviation of each column...

corDiss: Correlation and moving correlation dissimilarity measurements...

cSds: Standard deviation of columns

e2m: A function for transforming a matrix from its Euclidean spcae...

fastDist: A fast distance algorithm for two matrices written in C++

fastDistVV: A fast (parallel for linux) algorithm of (squared) Euclidean...

fastDistVVL: A fast (serial) algorithm of (squared) Euclidean...

fDiss: Euclidean, Mahalanobis and cosine dissimilarity measurements

fopls: fast orthogonal scores algorithn of partial leat squares...

getPredictions: Extract predictions from an object of class 'mbl'

gprCv: Cross validation for Gaussian process regression

gprdp: Gaussian process regression with linear kernel (gprdp)

gpr.dp: Gaussian process regression with dot product covariance

isubset: iterator that re-organize and subset a matrix based on...

locFitnpred: Local multivariate regression

mbl: A function for memory-based learning (mbl)

mblControl: A function that controls some aspects of the memory-based...

minDissV: A function to compute indices of minimum values of a distance...

movcorDist: Moving/rolling correlation distance of two matrices

neigCleaning: A function for identifying samples that do not belong to any...

opls: orthogonal scores algorithn of partial leat squares (opls)

orthoDiss: A function for computing dissimilarity matrices from...

orthoProjection: Orthogonal projections using partial least squares and...

pgpcv_cpp: Internal Cpp function for performing leave-group-out cross...

plot.mbl: Plot method for an object of class 'mbl'

plot.orthoProjection: Plot method for an object of class 'orthoProjection'

plsCv: Cross validation for PLS regression

pplscv_cpp: Internal Cpp function for performing leave-group-out cross...

predgprdp: Prediction function for the 'gprdp' function (Gaussian...

pred.gpr.dp: Prediction function for "gpr.dp" (Gaussian process regression...

predopls: Prediction function for the 'opls' and 'opls2' functions

print.localOrthoDiss: Print method for an object of class 'orthoDiss'

print.mbl: Print method for an object of class 'mbl'

print.orthoProjection: Print method for an object of class 'orthoProjection'

projectpls: Projection function for the 'opls' function

resemble-package: Overview of the functions in the resemble package

sid: A function for computing the spectral information divergence...

simEval: A function for evaluating similarity/dissimilarity matrices...

smpl: A simple ramdom sampling function

sqrtSm: Square root of (square) symetric matrices

waplswCpp: Internal Cpp function for computing the weights of the PLS...

wapls.weights: Internal function for computing the weights of the PLS...

wcolSds: Function for identifiying the column in a 'matrix' with the...

which_min: A function to compute row-wise index of minimum values of a...

which_minV: A function to compute indices of minimum values of a distance...


cms Man page
colSds Man page
corDiss Man page
cSds Man page
e2m Man page
fastDist Man page
fastDistVV Man page
fastDistVVL Man page
fDiss Man page
fopls Man page
getPredictions Man page
gprCv Man page
gprdp Man page
gpr.dp Man page
isubset Man page
locFitnpred Man page
mbl Man page
mblControl Man page
minDissV Man page
movcorDist Man page
neigCleaning Man page
opls Man page
orthoDiss Man page
orthoProjection Man page
pcProjection Man page
pgpcv_cpp Man page
plot.mbl Man page
plot.orthoProjection Man page
plsCv Man page
plsProjection Man page
pplscv_cpp Man page
predgprdp Man page
pred.gpr.dp Man page
predict.orthoProjection Man page
predopls Man page
print.localOrthoDiss Man page
print.mbl Man page
print.orthoProjection Man page
projectpls Man page
resemble Man page
resemble-package Man page
sid Man page
simEval Man page
smpl Man page
sqrtSm Man page
waplswCpp Man page
wapls.weights Man page
wcolSds Man page
which_min Man page
which_minV Man page

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