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Functions for memory-based learning



This is the version 2.0 ('gordillo') of the package. It implements a number of R functions useful for modeling complex spectral spectra (e.g. NIR, IR). The package includes functions for dimensionality reduction, computing spectral dissimilarity matrices, nearest neighbor search, and modeling spectral data using memory-based learning. This package builds upon the methods presented in Ramirez-Lopez et al. (2013) <doi:10.1016/j.geoderma.2012.12.014>>.

Development versions can be found in the github repository of the package at

The functions available for dimensionality reduction are:

The functions available for computing dissimilarity matrices are:

The functions available for evaluating dissimilarity matrices are:

The functions available for nearest neighbor search:

The functions available for modeling spectral data:

Other supplementary functions:


Maintainer / Creator: Leonardo Ramirez-Lopez


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