Man pages for rfacebookstat
Load Data from Facebook API Marketing

fbAuthAuthorization in Facebook.
fbDeleteAdAccountUsersDelete users from ad accounts.
fbGetAdAccountCustomAudiencesThe Custom Audiences Associated With the Ad Account.
fbGetAdAccountsGet avable ad account list.
fbGetAdAccountsConversionsGet list of custom conversion from ad accounts.
fbGetAdAccountUsersGet User List From Account
fbGetAdAccountUsersPermissionsGet ad account user list with him permissions.
fbGetAdCreativeGet creative list from facebook marketing API
fbGetAdsGet ads list from facebook marketing API
fbGetAdSetsGet creative list from facebook marketing API
fbGetAdVideosGet videos list from ad accounts
fbGetAppsGet all the apps under a project
fbGetBusinessManagersGet avable business Managers.
fbGetBusinessManagersUsersGet a list of business manager users
fbGetBusinessUserAdAccountsGet a list of accounts for a business manager user
fbGetCampaignsGet campaign list from facebook marketing API
fbGetCatalogsGet catalogs
fbGetCostDataGet facebook ads cost data.
fbGetLoginsGet all authorization logins
fbGetLongTimeTokenGet API facebook long time token.
fbGetMarketingStatGet statistic by ad accounts.
fbGetPagesGet pages list
fbGetSettingsGet settings.
fbGetTokenGet API facebook token.
fbGetUserAdAccountsUser's ad account list.
fbSettersSet rfacebookstat options
fbUpdateAdAccountUsersAdd users and update permission list.
rfacebookstat-packageLoad Data from Facebook API Marketing
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