Man pages for ricu
Intensive Care Unit Data with R

attach_srcData attach utilities
callback_cncptConcept callback functions
callback_intInternal item callback utilities
callback_itmItem callback utilities
callback_sofaSOFA score label
change_idSwitch between id types
cli_outputMessage signaling nested with progress reporting
col_renamerInternal utilities for ICU data classes
concept_dictionaryLoad concept dictionaries
data_conceptsData Concepts
data_envICU datasets
data_exportRead and write utilities
data_itemsData items
data_utilsData loading utilities
difftimeUtilities for 'difftime'
downloadData download utilities
file_utilsFile system utilities
id_tblTabular ICU data classes
importData import utilities
item_utilsInternal utilities for 'item'/'concept' objects
label_sep3Sepsis 3 label
label_siSuspicion of infection label
label_sirsSIRS score label
load_conceptsLoad concept data
load_srcLow level functions for loading data
load_src_cfgLoad configuration for a data source
load_tblLoad data as 'id_tbl' or 'ts_tbl' objects
ricu-packagericu: Intensive Care Unit Data with R
setup_src_dataData setup
src_cfgInternal utilities for working with data source...
src_envData source environments
tbl_internalInternal utilities for ICU data objects
tbl_metaICU class meta data utilities
tbl_reshapeICU class data reshaping
tbl_utilsICU class data utilities
ts_utilsTime series utility functions
utilsUtility functions
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