tbl_internal: Internal utilities for ICU data objects

unclass_tblR Documentation

Internal utilities for ICU data objects


In order to remove all id_tbl/ts_tbl-related attributes, as well as extra class-labels, the exported but marked internal function unclass_tbl() can be used. This function provides what one might expect from an id_tbl/ts_tbl-specific implementation of the S3 generic function data.table::as.data.table(). The inverse functionality if provided by reclass_tbl() which attempts to add attributes as seen in template to the object passed as x. The logical flag stop_on_fail controls how to proceed if the attributes of template are incompatible with the object x. Finally, in order to generate a template, as_ptype() creates an empty object with the appropriate attributes.



reclass_tbl(x, template, stop_on_fail = TRUE)




Object to modify/query


Object after which to model the object in question


Logical flag indicating whether to consider failed object validation as error


  • unclass_tbl(): a data.table

  • reclass_tbl(): either an id_tbl or a ts_tbl depending on the type of the object passed as template

  • as_ptype(): an object of the same type as x, but with on data

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