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Diatom stratigraphic data from the Round Loch of Glenhead, Galloway, Southwest Scotland from core K05, first published in Allott et al. (1992) and re-analysed in Juggins et al. (1996) and Battarbee et al. (2005). Data are relative abundances (percentages) of a subset of 41 diatom taxa in 20 samples, and includes all taxa with a maximum abundance of 1 percent in any core sample. Dataset is a list with the following named elements: spec diatom relative abundances, depths associated sediment core depths and 210Pb ages. Column names in RLGH$spec are short, 6-character alphanumeric codes for each diatom taxon. RLGH$names contains the full names for each taxon, in the correct order). Note that some rare and low abundance taxa have been removed so the percentages do not sum to 100.




Battarbee, R.W., Monteith, D.T., Juggins, S. Evans, C.D., Jenkins, A. & Simpson, G.L. (2005) Reconstructing pre-acidification pH for an acidified Scottish loch: A comparison of palaeolimnological and modelling approaches. Environmental Pollution, 137, 135-149.

Allott, T.E.H., Harriman, R., & Battarbee, R.W. (1992) Reversibility of acidification at the Round Loch of Glenhead, Galloway, Scotland. Environmental Pollution, 77, 219-225.

Juggins, S., Flower, R., & Battarbee, R. (1996) Palaeolimnological evidence for recent chemical and biological changes in UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network sites. Freshwater Biology, 36, 203-219.



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