SWAP: SWAP surface sediment diatom data and lake-water pH.

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SWAP (Surface Water Acidification Programme) surface sediment diatom data from Birks et al. (1990) and Stevenson et al. (1990). Dataset is a list with the following named elements: (spec) diatom relative abundances for 277 taxa in 167 surface samples, (pH) associated lake-water pH. Column names in spec are short, 6-character alphanumeric codes for each diatom taxon. SWAP$names contains the full names for each taxon, in the correct order).




Birks, H.J.B., Line, J.M., Juggins, S., Stevenson, A.C., & ter Braak, C.J.F. (1990) Diatoms and pH reconstruction. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, B 327, 263-278.

Stevenson, A.C., Juggins, S., Birks, H.J.B., Anderson, D.S., Anderson, N.J., Battarbee, R.W., Berge, F., Davis, R.B., Flower, R.J., Haworth, E.Y., Jones, V.J., Kingston, J.C., Kreiser, A.M., Line, J.M., Munro, M.A.R., & Renberg, I. (1991) The Surface Waters Acidification Project Palaeolimnology Programme: Modern Diatom / Lake-Water Chemistry Data-Set ENSIS Ltd, London.



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 [65] "BR9997" "CA018A" "CC001A" "CM004A" "CM010A" "CM013A" "CM014A" "CM015A"
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 [89] "CY002A" "CY003A" "CY004A" "CY007A" "CY010A" "CY013A" "CY9991" "DE001A"
 [97] "DT002A" "DT003A" "DT004B" "EU002A" "EU002B" "EU002D" "EU002E" "EU002K"
[105] "EU003A" "EU004A" "EU009A" "EU009C" "EU011A" "EU013A" "EU014A" "EU015A"
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[121] "EU028A" "EU028B" "EU031A" "EU034A" "EU039A" "EU040A" "EU046C" "EU047A"
[129] "EU048A" "EU049A" "EU049B" "EU051A" "EU051B" "EU056A" "EU057A" "EU058A"
[137] "EU9961" "EU9962" "EU9965" "EU9969" "FR001A" "FR001B" "FR002A" "FR002C"
[145] "FR005A" "FR005D" "FR006A" "FR007A" "FR008A" "FR009F" "FR010A" "FR011A"
[153] "FR015A" "FR018A" "FR9991" "FU002A" "FU002B" "FU002F" "GO003A" "GO004A"
[161] "GO006C" "GO013A" "GO023A" "GO025B" "GO025F" "GY005A" "HN001A" "ME019A"
[169] "NA002A" "NA003A" "NA003B" "NA005A" "NA005B" "NA006A" "NA006B" "NA007A"
[177] "NA008A" "NA013A" "NA014A" "NA015A" "NA016A" "NA032A" "NA033A" "NA037A"
[185] "NA038A" "NA042A" "NA043A" "NA044A" "NA045A" "NA046A" "NA048A" "NA063A"
[193] "NA068A" "NA084A" "NA086A" "NA099A" "NA101A" "NA102A" "NA112D" "NA113A"
[201] "NA114A" "NA115A" "NA129A" "NA133A" "NA135A" "NA140A" "NA149A" "NA151A"
[209] "NA156A" "NA158A" "NA160A" "NA167A" "NA170A" "NA9904" "NA9919" "NA9955"
[217] "NA9963" "NA9964" "NE003A" "NE003B" "NE003C" "NE004A" "NE012A" "NE020A"
[225] "NE023A" "NI002A" "NI005A" "NI008A" "NI009A" "NI009B" "NI017A" "NI021A"
[233] "NI026A" "NI027A" "NI152A" "NI9984" "OP001A" "PE002A" "PI005A" "PI007A"
[241] "PI011A" "PI014A" "PI015A" "PI016A" "PI018A" "PI018B" "PI022B" "PI023A"
[249] "PI055A" "PI056A" "PI139A" "PI164A" "RH006B" "SA001A" "SA001B" "SA006A"
[257] "SA042A" "SE001A" "SP002A" "ST004A" "ST010A" "SU002A" "SU004A" "SU005A"
[265] "SU006A" "SY002A" "SY003A" "SY004A" "SY009A" "SY010A" "SY013A" "SY043A"
[273] "TA001A" "TA002A" "TA003A" "TA004A" "TA9996"

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