Man pages for riskRegression
Risk Regression Models and Prediction Scores for Survival Analysis with Competing Risks

anova.ateRisk Comparison Over Time ate Object Into a 'data.table' influenceTest Object Into a 'data.table' predictCox Object Into a 'data.table' predictCSC Object Into a 'data.table'
ateAverage Treatment Effects Computation
autoplot.atePlot Average Risks
autoplot.predictCoxPlot Predictions From a Cox Model
autoplot.predictCSCPlot Predictions From a Cause-specific Cox Proportional...
autoplot.Scoreggplot AUC curve
baseHaz_cppC++ Fast Baseline Hazard Estimation
boot2pvalueCompute the p.value from the distribution under H1
boxplot.ScoreBoxplot risk quantiles
calcSeCoxComputation of standard errors for predictions
calcSeCSCStandard error of the absolute risk predicted from...
CforestS3-wrapper function for cforest from the party package
coef.CauseSpecificCoxExtract coefficients from a Cause-Specific Cox regression...
coef.riskRegressionExtract coefficients from riskRegression model
colCenter_cppApply - by column
colCumProdApply cumprod in each column
colCumSumApply cumsum in each column
colMultiply_cppApply * by column
colScale_cppApply / by column
colSumsCrossprodApply crossprod and colSums
confint.ateConfidence Intervals and Confidence Bands for the Predicted...
confint.influenceTestConfidence Intervals and Confidence Bands for the Difference...
confint.predictCoxConfidence Intervals and Confidence Bands for the predicted...
confint.predictCSCConfidence Intervals and Confidence Bands for the Predicted...
coxBaseEstimatorExtract the type of estimator for the baseline hazard
coxCenterExtract the mean value of the covariates
coxFormulaExtract the formula from a Cox model
coxLPCompute the linear predictor of a Cox model
coxModelFrameExtract the design matrix used to train a Cox model
coxNExtract the number of observations from a Cox model
coxSpecialSpecial characters in Cox model
coxStrataDefine the strata for a new dataset
coxStrataLevelReturns the name of the strata in Cox model
coxVarCovExtract the variance covariance matrix of the beta from a Cox...
coxVariableNameExtract variable names from a model
CSCCause-specific Cox proportional hazard regression
CtreeS3-Wrapper for ctree.
dicreteRootDichotomic search for monotone function
FGRFormula wrapper for crr from cmprsk
getSplitMethodInput for data splitting algorithms
IC_Nelson_Aalen_cens_timeInfluence function for Nelson-Aalen estimator.
iidCoxExtract iid decomposition from a Cox model
iid.wglmIID for IPCW Logistic Regressions
influenceTestInfluence test [Experimental!!]
information.wglmInformation for IPCW Logistic Regressions
IPAExplained variation for settings with binary, survival and...
ipcwEstimation of censoring probabilities
MelanomaMalignant melanoma data
model.matrix.cphExtract design matrix for cph objects
model.matrix.phregExtract design matrix for phreg objects
PaquidPaquid sample
penalizedS3S3-wrapper for S4 function penalized
plotAUCPlot of time-dependent AUC curves
plotBrierPlot Brier curve
plotCalibrationPlot Calibration curve
plotEffectsPlotting time-varying effects from a risk regression model.
plotPredictRiskPlotting predicted risks curves.
plotRiskplot predicted risks
plot.riskRegressionPlotting predicted risk
plotROCPlot ROC curves
predict.CauseSpecificCoxPredicting Absolute Risk from Cause-Specific Cox Models
predictCoxFast computation of survival probabilities, hazards and...
predictCoxPLComputation of survival probabilities from Cox regression...
predict.FGRPredict subject specific risks (cumulative incidence) based...
predictRiskExtrating predicting risks from regression models
predict.riskRegressionPredict individual risk.
print.atePrint Average Treatment Effects
print.CauseSpecificCoxPrint of a Cause-Specific Cox regression model
print.FGRPrint of a Fine-Gray regression model
print.influenceTestOutput of the DIfference Between Two Estimates
print.IPAPrint IPA object
print.predictCoxPrint Predictions From a Cox Model
print.predictCSCPrint Predictions From a Cause-specific Cox Proportional...
print.riskRegressionPrint function for riskRegression models
print.ScorePrint Score object
print.subjectWeightsPrint subject weights
reconstructDataReconstruct the original dataset
riskLevelPlotLevel plots for risk prediction models
riskRegressionRisk Regression Fits a regression model for the risk of an...
riskRegression.optionsGlobal options for 'riskRegression'
rowCenter_cppApply - by row
rowCumProdApply cumprod in each row
rowCumSumApply cumsum in each row
rowMultiply_cppApply * by row
rowPasteCollapse Rows of Characters.
rowScale_cppApply / by row
rowSumsCrossprodApply crossprod and rowSums
sampleDataSimulate data with binary or time-to-event outcome
ScoreScore risk predictions
score.wglmScore for IPCW Logistic Regressions
selectCoxBackward variable selection in the Cox regression model
selectJumpEvaluate the influence function at selected times
simActiveSurveillanceSimulate data of a hypothetical active surveillance prostate...
simMelanomaSimulate data alike the Melanoma data
sliceMultiply_cppApply * by slice
sliceScale_cppApply / by slice
splitStrataVarReconstruct each of the strata variables
subjectWeightsEstimation of censoring probabilities at subject specific...
subsetIndexExtract Specific Elements From An Object
summary.ateSummary Average Treatment Effects
summary.FGRSummary of a Fine-Gray regression model
summary.riskRegressionSummary of a risk regression model
summary.ScoreSummary of prediction performance metrics
SuperPredictorFormula interface for SuperLearner::SuperLearner
SurvResponseVarExtract the time and event variable from a Cox model
terms.phregExtract terms for phreg objects
transformCIBPCompute Confidence Intervals/Bands and P-values After a...
wglmLogistic Regression Using IPCW
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