Man pages for rmsb
Bayesian Regression Modeling Strategies 'Ocens' Object to Data Frame to Facilitate Subset
blrmBayesian Binary and Ordinal Logistic Regression
blrmStatsCompute Indexes of Predictive Accuracy and Their...
coef.rmsbExtract Bayesian Summary of Coefficients
compareBmodsCompare Bayesian Model Fits
distSymDistribution Symmetry Measure
ExProb.blrmFunction Generator for Exceedance Probabilities for 'blrm()'
getParamCoefGet a Bayesian Parameter Vector Summary
HPDintHighest Posterior Density Interval
Mean.blrmFunction Generator for Mean Y for 'blrm()'
OcensCensored Ordinal Variable
pdensityContourBivariate Posterior Contour
plot.PostFPlot Posterior Density of 'PostF'
plot.rmsbPlot Posterior Densities and Summaries
PostFFunction Generator for Posterior Probabilities of Assertions
predict.blrmMake predictions from a 'blrm()' fit
print.blrmPrint 'blrm()' Results
print.blrmStatsPrint Details for 'blrmStats' Predictive Accuracy Measures
print.predict.blrmPrint Predictions for 'blrm()'
print.rmsbBasic Print for Bayesian Parameter Summary
Quantile.blrmFunction Generator for Quantiles of Y for 'blrm()'
rmsb-packageThe 'rmsb' package.
selectedQrQR Decomposition Preserving Selected Columns
stackMIBayesian Model Fitting and Stacking for Multiple Imputation
stanDxPrint Stan Diagnostics
stanDxplotDiagnostic Trace Plots
stanGetGet Stan Output
tauFetchFetch Partial Proportional Odds Parameters
vcov.rmsbVariance-Covariance Matrix
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